Monday, 1 August 2011

Emirates Cup

Hasn't the summer just gone so quickly!! It's only two weeks away from the start of the Premier League already! Crazy. I know it's really gone quick when the Emirates Cup creeps up on me.

Now I'm not the biggest fan of the Emirates Cup but this comes more from a working point of view. Whilst all of you get to watch two games of great football back to back I have to be working on my feet for nine hours. Then I have to do it all again the next day! Safe to say that I'm pretty much knackered by the end of it and lose all interest in the actual football. Which means that even though I was annoyed yet not surprised that Arsenal lost the tournament I didn't mind too much as it meant people would leave quicker which in turn meant I could go home sooner.

Arsenal didn't play well though. It seems that over the summer nothing has changed. Our defence is still shocking, we're lacking strong leadership in midfield and still don't have that one person you can always rely on to get you a goal when the ball is a few feat from the goal. The fans were not happy at all and there were even boos. Arsene Wenger really needs to change things or he might even be for the chop at the end of the season and I've never known Arsenal without Arsene!

However this could work out for the better as every year we've won the Emirates Cup we've never one anything else so fingers crossed.

I do also have to give credit to the New York Red Bulls who didn't play half bad and all through the game I was secretly hoping that Thierry Henry would score.

But Hey Ho there was other good news in the sporting world.

Jenson Button won the Grand Prix! Woo!
I much prefer him to Lewis Hamilton, he's a much more likeable guy with an actual personality.
&& England are doing well in the Cricket! Yayyyyy

Hello World

Generic title but hey it works doesn't it?

Oh well if I was to call this something special I suppose I would have to opt for:

I think I know a thing or two about Sport and I'm going to tell you all about it

Yes see Hello World is much better. Now to start off preceedings I better tell you a bit about myself.
My name is Sarah, I'm 19 (a month away from 20 actually eek!), I support Arsenal and I quite like Sport. Notice how the Arsenal bit came first :)

I am a pretty big Arsenal fan. Most of my liking of Sport comes from my Dad as he watches/likes pretty much every major sport. However my love of Arsenal came from my mother. You see I live near East London and everyone in my area, like my father, supports West Ham United. I suppose this is the obvious football team to support. However my Mum and that side of the family are from North London, Highbury, the home of Arsenal and I was sensible enough to stick with them :)

Arsenal are like no other team in the Premier League. They play a different game, a more Spanish style of football. It would be silly to compare them to the likes of Barcelona but we are similar and we did beat them at home last year :)

I promised to make this blog as unbiased as I could but so far I'm not doing very well am I. Ah well it is the introduction after all.

I'm also lucky enough to work for Arsenal! Can you believe it? The perfect job for me. I'm an Arsenal steward on match days. This means that I'm one of those people in the big Orange jackets. I've actually been spotted on camera a few times too. This is my third season there and I've just been signed a permanent position. I spent my first two seasons moving around the ground getting a feel of what it feels like to what in every position around the stadium and the different tasks each one entails. Now I'm on Block 3 in the West Stand Lower and I am very happy about my position :) My squad are really cool people and I can finally start making some friends.

Aside from Arsenal and football I do also like other sports. Here is the list in order of preference:


I'll also watch anything in the Olympics minus shooting and weight lifting. At the moment can't quite think of every sport as I'm still tired from Emirates Cup. Que next post!